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Do You Need A Miami Maritime Injury Lawyer?

Were You Injured on A Cruise Ship?

Were You Injured Working As a Seamen?

The Miami  Maritime Injury Lawyer, Paul Ansel, has over 40 years experience in both general  admiralty law and maritime personal injury law.  We are located at 601 S Ocean Drive, near Ft Lauderdale and Miami

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Why Do I Need A Miami  Maritime Injury Lawyer?

Maritime injury law and admiralty laws  are very specialized. If your legal problem or  injury falls under maritime  law you  must  hire a lawyer with experience in maritime injury laws.

What Is  Florida Maritime Law?

Admiralty or maritime law covers  vessels, ships, tugboats,  boats, recreational boating, barges, crew, captains, Jones Act claims, and any vessel that navigates or moves from place to place  over water. Admiralty law deals with matters including marine commerce, marine navigation, shipping, sailors, and the transportation of passengers and goods by sea.It is a body of laws, conventions and treaties that governs international  business and all legal issues involving ships,shipping or crimes occurring onnavigable waters. Fort Lauderdale Maritime Injury Law Center can assist you with any and all  aspects of maritime personal injury claims and  admiralty law. Maritime injury law also covers jet ski accidents, receational boating accidents and sports injuries on the open waters of Florida including the intracoastal waterways.

Maritime  Injury Law Overview

The first and most important aspect your maritime injury lawyer will consider is the date of the injury. There is a three (3) year statute of limitation for maritime injury cases.  This means if you do not sue the negligent party  who injured you within three (3) years of the date of the injury you will lose your right to file this injury law suit and all your legal rights to a claim.

Were You Injured On A Cruise Ship?

.A passenger injury on a cruise ship falls under maritime injury law.

Do You Need To File A Jones Act Claim?

As a Jones Act lawyer, I  deal with personal injuries and on the job injury that happens to a crew member or seamen of a vessel.

How Do I Know If I Am Covered Under Jones Act Law?

  • You must be assigned to a vessel in operation on a navigable waterway
  • Your duties as a worker must contribute to the vessel’s function or mission
  • Your connection to the vessel must be substantial in both time and nature

As a  seaman, the Jones Act gives you claim  special treatment under federal maritime injury law. The Maritime Injury Law Center will fight for your rights to recover compensation for your injury. They will be fighting against ship owners who will work very hard to defeat your Jones Act  injury claim. It is not in their interest to have you succeed. That is why an experienced Jones Act Injury lawyer is necessary. It is in our interest to have you succeed.

How A Maritime Lawyer Help You?

  • Jones Act Personal Injury Claims
  • Maintenance and Cure Personal Injury Claims
  • Unseaworthiness Personal Injury Claims

Maritime Injury Law Center Of Florida has experienced admiralty and maritime injury lawyers experienced with:

  • Shipboard Injuries on Cruise Ships & all other Commercial Vessels
  • Cruise Ship Injuries
  • Jones Act Injury
  • Cruise ship passenger injury
  • Ship Repairers lawyers
  • Business Invitees
  • Pleasure Craft accidents and Injury lawyer
  • Tug Boat accident and Injury
  • Barge accidents with Injury
  • Marine Repair Claims
  • Cruise Wage Claims
  • Jet ski personal injury lawyer
  • Tugboat injury claims
  • Launches injury claims
  • Dinghy injury claims
  • Recreational ships and yacht maritime injury
  • Tours and Riverboat injury lawyers
  • Fishermen Claims
  • Marine Insurance Claims
  • Maritime Lien Claims
  • Builders Claims
  • Jones Act  maritime personal Injury Claims
  • Diver personal injury claims
  • Death on the high seas
  • Cargo Claims
  • Marine Salvage
  • Charter Parties
  • Marine Arbitration
  • Personal Injury and Wrongful death
  • Offshore oil worker maritime injury
  • Harbor workers injury lawyers
  • Ship passengers injury claims
  • Water Taxi maritime injury lawyer
  • Ferry boat accident and injury
  • General Contract Disputes
  • Charter Party
  • Maritime Arbitration
  • Salvage Law Claims
  • Collisions on the High Seas
  • Contract Disputes
  • Cargo Claims
  • Salvage and Sinking and Stranding of Vessels
  • Maritime Law Claims
  • Crew Wage Claims
  • Coast Guard Licensing Issues.
  • BUI and arrests on the high seas, forfeiture
  • Captain Licenses

Contact Maritime Injury Law Center, P.A. and rest assured you are in the hands of an experienced maritime injury lawyer with over 30 years experience.

About Paul Ansel, Maritime Injury Lawyer

“My promise to you is to use my over 30 years of experience to help you with your Maritime Injury claim.” -Paul Ansel

Maritime Injury Law Center, P.A. is the Law Office of Paul Ansel. This maritime injury law, admiralty law firm has handled just about  all  admiralty law problems.  Paul Ansel has years of experience as an admiralty lawyer in both London and New York. Paul has been practicing admiralty law and maritime personal injury law for over 40 years. He has been at the same  location since 1989. The Maritime Injury Law Center is conveniently located  near  both Miami and  Fort Lauderdale, Port of Miami and Port Everglades Florida. Experienced admiralty lawyers will usually have their offices near important ports.

Paul Ansel and his maritime injury law firm are experienced in handling maritime injury cases of all kinds. From slip and falls, broken bones, and injured backs to the severe injuries caused by collisions, tug and barge accidents, explosions, sinkings, and groundings, drenching and crane injuries. This admiralty law firm has forty years of trial and negotiation experience fighting all maritime injury claims, maritime law and admiralty law. He is available for an initial fre consultation on your maritime injury claim, or to answer any other admiralty law questions you may have.

Maritime Injury Law Center of Florida

Maritime Injury Law Center Florida can help you with all aspects of maritime injury law and injury on the high seas. This includes: Cruise ship injury law, boating accident law, sea transport law, admiralty Law, salvage negotiation law, general maritime law, Jones Act, harbor workers,injured fishermen and crew member Injury law.  If you have been injured at sea call:

Do You Need A Fort Lauderdale Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer?

Maritime Injury Law Center can help you in: Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs and all of Broward County. Call us for all injuries at sea including cruise ship injuries sailing from Port Everglades.

Do You Need A Miami Jones Act  Injury Lawyer?

Maritime Injury law Center can help you with your maritime personal injury, cruise ship injury or Jones Act Claim in Miami, Dade and Monroe county can help you in: Miami, Hialeah, Miami Beach and the Florida Keys for any injury at sea including cruise ship injuries sailing from the Port Of Miami.

Do You Need A West Palm  Beach Maritime Injury Lawyer?

Covering maritime personal injury, Cruise ship injury, Jones Act injury claims and maritime law for: Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach, Palm Beach, Martin, St Lucie and Indian River Counties Florida, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Stuart,Port St Lucie, Okeechobee, Belle Glade, Vero Beach, Palm Bay Palm Beach, Martin, St Lucie and Indian River counties.

Do You Need A Tampa  Injury Lawyer?

Maritime Injury Law Center Florida can help you with your maritime personal injury claim, cruise ship passenger injury claim or Jones Act claim: Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater, St Pete, New Port Richey, Brooksville, Sarasota, Naples, Venice, Bradenton, Fort Myers, Cape Coral and all of Hernanado, Citrus, Pasco, Pinnellas, Hillsboro, Sarasota, Manatee, Lee and Collier counties including cruise ship injuries on sailing from the Port of Tampa.

Do You Need An Orlando Or Cape Canaveral Maritime Injury Lawyer?

Maritime  Injury Law Center can help you with Maritime personal injury claims, Cruise ship injury claims and Jones Act claims in: Orlando, Winter Park, Winterhaven, Kissimmee, Ocala, Atlamonte Springs, Deland, Melbourne, or Daytona Beach injury at sea or on local waters and cruise ship injuries on sailings from Port Canaveral. Port Canaveral is a cruise, cargo and naval port in Brevard County, Florida.

Do You Need A Jacksonville Maritime Injury Lawyer?

Maritime Injury law Center Florida can help you with your maritime personal injury claim, cruise ship passenger injury claims and Jones Act claims  in: Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, St. Augustine, Orange Park all of Northeast Florida including: Marion, Sumter, Flagler and Duval counties.

Do You Need A Pensacola Maritime Injury Lawyer?

Maritime Injury, cruise ship injury, and Jones Act claims for: Tallahassee, Pensacola, Panama City and Starke for an experienced maritime injury and cruise ship injury lawyer.

Nationwide and International Maritime Injury Law Center For Cruise Ship Passenger  Injury For Cruise Lines Embarking From Florida Ports

We can also assist with cruise ship passengers nationwide leaving from the Florida ports or where the cruise ship home office is in Florida and ships on inland waterways and international waterways. Call us with any questions. There may also be a way to move venue to Florida from any location in the U.S and the world.

Nationwide and International Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

Maritime Injury Law Center accepts referrals from lawyers outside of Florida who need our services in Florida to protect their clients. We have helped people from all over the world  on inland waterways, and in international waters.

Miami, Ft Lauderdale Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

Miami is the Cruise Ship Capital of the World. Most of the major cruise lines are based in South Florida. Miami is the headquarters home of:

  • Azimara Cruise Line Injury Claims
  • Carnival Cruise Line Injury Claims
  • Celebrity Cruise Ship Passenger Injury Claims
  • Costa Cruise Lines Injury Claims
  • Disney Cruise Line Passenger Claims
  • MSC Cruise Line Injuries Claims
  • Norwegian Cruise Line Injury Claims
  • Oceania Cruise Ship Passenger Claims
  • Regent Seven Seas Cruise Injury Claims
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises Passenger Claims
  • Seabourn Cruise Injuries
  • SeaDream Cruise Injuries
  • Silversea Cruise Injuries
  • Star Clippers Cruise lines Passenger Claims

If you are injured on one of these cruise ships anywhere in the world, the cruise lines require passengers to make a claim in South Florida.

Get A Local  Maritime Personal Injury Lawyer

The Maritime Injury Law Centers and Law Office of Maritime, Admiralty Lawyer Paul Ansel has its main office at: 601 S Ocean Drive, Hollywood, FL 33019-2007 in South Florida,  Broward County, bordering Miami Dade county. Maritime Injury Law Center lawyer, Paul Ansel, is admitted to practice in both Florida and New York, and has 40 years experience in handling marine, admiralty and maritime, injury claims as well as all aspects of admiralty and maritime law.

Choose Maritime Injury Law Center

Maritime Injury Law Center lawyers have the experience and knowledge of the complexities of maritime law that can only come from over 40 years of representing families from all over the world and fighting for people injured at all the major ports of Florida. We have a proven and consistent record of obtaining positive verdicts and settlements for those injured at sea.